Why Hiawatha?

I’m a big fan of Hiawatha Webserver. It’s lean, fast and secure. I’d heartily recommend it to anyone used to using Apache or Nginx.

The config is very, very easy to deal with due to it being so logical. In comparison to either Apache and especially Nginx it’s a breeze. This apparent simplicity does not come with a cost; it can do all Apache can and has the proxy functions of Nginx. Why aren’t more people using it? I’d say the main reason from a config point of view is that the installation process isn’t as simple as ‘yum install hiawatha’ I’m afraid. It has to be installed from source on the bigger Linux platforms.

Get past that and the rewards are myriad. You will get more pages per second out of any VPS using Hiawatha over Apache. You’ll get more security than using Nginx.

Give it go. Don’t be scared…